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Students Representatives/Council

The fourth right ensured in UNCRC on the rights of child speaks of participation. Participation means finding out and developing talents of children and youth for a holistic growth, which is well complemented by the Student Council body

In the Student Council, Children and youth are exposed to all the procedures followed in the actual parliament, like the filing nomination, election of leaders, assigning responsibilities, analysing School issues issues and problems in the monthly gathering of the Council.

 In the first month of the third term each year, a new Prefect Body is appointed from Form 3 and 2 to succeed the outgoing Form 4 graduates. They will serve the full year before another set is appointed in the succeeding year.

The Prefect Body represents the school authorities and should be accorded respect by all sections of the school, including their own peer group.

The Prefect body will be made up of 13 students, led by a Student President. The selection of the Prefect Body will be based on strong character, ability, maturity, responsibility and leadership qualities, representing the best that the school has to offer. Staff, Students and the outgoing Prefect body will nominate candidates for the various posts and the SMT will make the final selection.

Prefects must have an equable temperament, clear common sense, integrity and a commitment to serve the best interests of the school. On their shoulders rest the team and school spirit which must be fostered if the WAMY High School is to achieve its objectives and their prime responsibility is the Welfare of the whole school. Thus they are expected to organise, co-ordinate, lead, admonish and punish whenever and wherever the need arises. They will be assigned specific duties and will also provide leadership in a general sense to the Monitors and to the rest of the school. Each Prefect is responsible for overseeing the designated area in which the Monitors for that area operate. 

The School Student council System will include the following;

School Student President, Boarding Secretary, Dining Hall Secretary, Sports and Games Secretary, Clubs/Societies Coordination Secretary, Dormitory Secretary (4), Library and Prep Secretary, Mosque and Dacwa Secretary, Environmental Secretary and Entertainment Secretary. (Total 13 SC MEMBERS)

  1. School Student President

He is responsible for the orderly running of the school at the student level and should report back to the D/principal and Boarding Master and on issues relating to:

  1. Discipline and other grievances
  2. Handling of school property
  3. Support the teachers on duty to maintain order during prep together with other seniors on duty. Prepare, each term, a roster of students prep supervisors.
  4. Monitor attendance and submit a list of absentees and late comers to the teachers on duty. (These lists are to be collected from the prep supervisors)
  5. Extracurricular activities including sports
  6. Overall compound and Student Comportment
  7. Disputes between members of different Dorms
  8. School student government discipline and performance.
  9. The Boarding Secretary

He is responsible for the neatness and beauty of the school and dorm compounds and works with the boarding master.

Specific duties include the following:

  1. Mobilize the student body to do periodic general cleaning of the surroundings of the school
  2. Works with the Dormitory prefects.
  1. Regularly consult the Head boy or the staff on duty on parts of the compound that need attention from the gardeners.
  2. issuance of cleaning material and updating them every term for each dorm
  3. support dorm Masters and boarding masters in the allocation of dorms and sections to new students.
  4. Preparing a roster for cleaning of the Common Rooms in the school.( Toilets, halls and labs/Libraries).
  5. Dining Hall Secretary

The Dining Hall Minister shall work with teachers on duty and report to the Boarding master

 He shall also perform the following duties:

  1. Assist in the organisation of seating arrangements in the dining hall.
  2. Assist in the Arrangement of the Main Hall school functions and examination periods.
  3. Assist in the organisation of student during the meal times in the dining hall.
  1. Inform the Boarding master in charge about maintenance, breakages and emergency repair works.
  2. Inform the staff on duty about students who are late to or absent from meals. (Such information shall be obtained from the Prefects on duty ).
  3. Prevent the removal of food, plates and cutlery from the dining hall.
  4. Dormitory Secretary

He is responsible for and report on issues relating to life in the dorms and work closely with the Dorm Masters of their Dorms. Specifically the Dorm Secretary to:

  1. Coordinate cleaning within their assigned dorms with the support of the Section heads.
  2. Assign general dorm duties and to ensure that they are done.
  3. Take charge of the area surrounding the Dorms for which they are in charge.
  4. Report on any Dorm maintenance problem, discipline or other dorm issues to the Dorm Master.
  5. Settle basic disputes between members of the Dorm.
  6. Ensure that regulations regarding punctuality at school functions, lights-out and comportment are complied with.
  7. Foster a spirit of tolerance, comradeship and peaceful co-existence among the members of the Dorm.
  8. Monitor the movement, use and proper storage of tools and other equipment supplied to the dorm.
  9. Compile a list of students of the hostel attending congregation prayer, trips and other outings for the Dorm Master.
  10. Conduct regular checks and daily roll calls and to report absentees to the Dorm Masters.
  11. Carry out other duties as may be assigned by the Dorm Masters. 
  1. Academic (Library and prep) Secretary

   The Academic Secretary shall work under the direction of the Teacher in charge of the Library and librarian to support the teacher. He shall:

  1. Help ensure that library is open for the students during the Library hours with Permission and ensure students follow the Library rules.
  2. Help ensure that library items are returned on time by following up overdue library items.
  3.  Help educate students on how to use the library effectively.
  1. Supervise students to do library duty when required.
  2. Support library staff in the creation of a school library environment that is conducive to learning
  3. Help follow up on students suggestions (some of these may have been put in the library suggestions box).
  4. Collaborate with the English Department to promote reading. g. Inform HOD of any problems or issues students need to discuss about the English library Materials. 
  1. Sports and Games Secretary

The Sports Minister and Prefects are the overall Sports Captains of the School and shall assist the Games Master and the Dorm Masters of the various Dorms to: 

  1. Supervise sporting activities such as afternoon games, week- end activities and School teams training sessions.
  2. Coordinate with the Dorm Masters for inter-Dorm programmes.
  3. Monitor attendance and punctuality at all sporting programmes
  4. Facilitate the distribution, proper usage and return of all sports equipment and materials such as balls, jerseys etc.
  5. Publicise sports events as scheduled by the Sports department.
  6. Ensure general discipline of students on the games fields.
  7. Club/Societies coordination Secretary

He is responsible for the coordination and supervision of all the clubs in the School and works closely with the Subject Club/Societies Master to.

  1. Sensitize all the students to joins at least two club while at WAMY.
  2. Preparing a roster for club meeting every term in consultation with the club chair persons.
  3. ensure that all clubs are functional and benefit their members and entire school population.
  4. attend to any complain or disputes within a club or between clubs.
  5. Mosque and Dacwa Secretary

The Islamic Minister and prefects are responsible for the spiritual development of the student body and they shall work with and report to the Islamic Patron.

 They shall also perform the following duties:

  1. Help in the organisation of religious and Quran programmes in the School.
  2. Organise inter class or dorms, Quran and Islamic Knowledge competition.
  3. Invite and receive Islamic scholars to address the student body in consultation with the Islamic teacher.
  4. .Assist in the organisation and arrangement of the furniture and materials in the Islamic Library and carpet of the Mosques. 
  1. Inform the Islamic teacher and Head teacher about maintenance, breakages and emergency repair works of the Mosque and Islamic Library.
  2. Inform the Islamic teacher about students who are late to or absent from the daily congregation prayers. (Such information shall be obtained from the dorm Captains).
  3. Prevent the removal of Islamic books, Holy Quran and Islamic cassettes/CV from both the Mosque and Islamic Library.
  4. Environment Secretary

He is responsible for entire school environment and sanitation. He reports issues relating to Environment and work closely with the Social Science HOD to:

  1. Coordinate Environmental activities in the School.
  2. Take charge of the beatification and order of the school vegetation, landscape and walk ways.
  3. Talk to students on the importance and regulations of geographical trips and educate them on the tourist sites in Kenya.
  4. Assist in the care for Plants and conservation of water and electricity.
  5. Ensure proper waste disposal in the School compound. 
  1. Entertainment Secretary

The Entertainment Secretary is responsible for and should report to the Assistant Boarding Master on issues relating to the organization of entertainment and other social events for the student body such as:

  1. Collating ideas and publicizing the entertainment program each term in

Consultation with the Assistant Boarding Master in charge of entertainment.

  1. Organizing seating arrangements for entertainment and related functions
  2. Monitoring rehearsals and other preparations for School functions
  3. Ensuring that entertainment progrmmes start and end within the allocated time
  4. Reporting on problems of entertainment activities
  5. Monitoring of equipment (TV sets, sound and video equipment etc.)

Privileges of student council members.

Apart from the high honor, trust and esteem in which they are held, SC members’ privileges include:

  1. Different uniform for Student council members.
  2. Larger rooms with a maximum of 4 occupants (share with other prefects or students)
  3. A joint office for the student council.
  4. Served and eat jointly from a separate table in the dining hall.

Issues that can lead to the demotion of a Student council member

  1. Failing to undertake duties and responsibilities assigned.
  2. Abuse of the powers given to them as members of the Student council.
  3. Failing to abide by the school rules and regulations.
  4. Poor Academic performance in their respective classes.

How the of Student Council meeting will conducted.

  1. The Secretary Islamic Society Start the meeting with a verse of the Holy Quran.
  2. Student President to appoint a Speaker for the day and ask him to facilitate the meeting
  3. Speaker thanks the members for the same.
  4. SP welcomes all
  5. Secretary for Boarding takes down the minutes; reads the minutes of Previous meeting and evaluates the decisions taken
  6. Every secretary gives report and engages the gathering in discussion and arriving at Decisions
  7. Draw action plan for the next month
  8. Prioritize problems and choose a couple of problems to work for the next week
  9. The time of the meeting should be less than one hour