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Clubs and Societies

As part of the school’s extracurricular activities there are a variety of clubs and societies which are usually organized by the students with members of staff acting as patrons.

  1. Chess Club

Chess is one of the indoor games at the school. The game enhances mental skills such as concentration, forward planning and analysis, and it also fosters friendship among students. The club’s activities include internal competitions, encouraging the members to participate in county/national tournaments, playing with other schools, inviting talented and experienced players to come and coach the students and discussing chess news.

  1. The Science Club

The Science club is a fascinating and active club exclusive to budding scientists who are interested in Science outside the classroom. They meet to:

  1. Carry out absorbing investigations
  2. Plan for Science fairs and other mini projects
  3. Discuss the use of Science in everyday life
  4. Visit places of scientific interest.
  5. The Swimming Club

The aim of the swimming club is to encourage everyone to learn how to swim safely whatever their age. It is the club’s desire to introduce young students to water, as swimming is a sport in which all levels of ability can participate and from which they can derive a great deal of beneficial exercise and enjoyment.

  1. The Arabic Club

Language is an effective tool used in bringing people together and this club aims to help students interact with their Arab speaking counterparts through excursions and visits. It also enables students to improve their communication skills in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

  1. Drama Club

A powerful monarch, a crazed despot, or a notoriously comical caricature of some sort – you get to be any one of these and even more in the WAMY Drama club. Such are the contrasting characters the Drama Club enables you to play to the best of your ability. It’s always fun; it’s always original. It’s a club you can never get enough of, and a great gym for the imagination. In the drama club there is no small part: you only become a good actor. Everyone is a star.

  1. Wordsmith / journalism Club

Wordsmith club was formed to make reading and writing a central part of the WAMY tradition. The club publishes a newsletter with a school life section at regular intervals and aims to improve literacy skills. It organises Vocabulary quizzes, competitions on creative writing and reading meetings. It also encourages reading mentorship where older students help and encourage younger ones to read and rewards people who borrow regularly from the library. Members are in charge of organising library day and book fairs. 

  1. Math Club

The Math Club seeks to incite in students an interest and liking for mathematics that eventually reflects in their academic performance. The club encourages students to use mathematical techniques to solve practical problems.

Members acquire new mathematical knowledge by the end of each meeting, thereby increasing the efficiency of every member in solving mathematical problems. Major activities of the club include Pie Day (a day to celebrate great mathematicians and their theorems) and a Treasure Hunt involving mathematical concepts as clues.

  1. Scouts Club 
  1. Information Computer Technology (ICT) Club 

These clubs are student-driven and a great deal depends on the energy or enthusiasm of different year groups. Students are encouraged to use their initiative to suggest new clubs to either the SMT or Clubs Patron