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Windows Vista UAC is a special feature specifically built to enhance better security for Vista system. When we are about to install a program or usually when we initiate an installer , screen will goes dark as the UAC popup appears. It’s a very useful feature especially for newbies who can’t differentiate between safe installer or malicious one that might pose threats to the computer system. Apparently, advanced users find this feature is not really necessary for them.

  • Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • You can set up a four-digit passcode for use with App Timers.
  • To remove your cell phone number from your account, press and hold the number and you’ll see the option to delete it.

This means that it is used only to deny access, never to allow it. The remaining goals have to do with something that is essentially non-technical, or with a technology most people never notice. Each of them required changes to the operating system, however. Provide some protection of applications running as an administrator from those that are not. Make elevation considerably easier-automatic if possible-than the current kluges using runas.exe or just logging out from one account and in with another to bridge the gap until ISVs fix their applications.

This prompt is, unfortunately, the least informative prompt in all of UAC, possibly all of Windows. Even when a user is logged on as a member of the Administrators group they are by default placed in what is called admin approval mode. The user’s security token, by default, has the Administrators SID marked as Deny, as shown in Figure 4-3.

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Again, this is further reason to run as a standard user most of the time. When a non-administrator, or an administrator in admin-approval mode, launches Task Manager, it shows only that user’s processes.

To show processes from other users is an administrative operation. To do so easily Task Manager links the button "Show processes from all users" to a COM Moniker, which will launch an elevated instance of Task Manager, as shown in Figure 4-15. The gold bar in Figure 4-9 is shown only if the user is an administrator in admin-approval mode. If the user is a standard user, or if the admin chooses to install the control, we proceed directly to a UAC prompt.

You must respond to the prompt before you can continue with the requested operation or return to the desktop. COM Monikers are heavily used in the operating system to factor functionality that requires administrative privileges while allowing the remainder of the application to be used without elevation. Note that the elevation happens within the same context though. This means that there is a potential for privilege leaks across a COM Moniker elevation.

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